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We have a survivor-centric approach, providing free and confidential support for women and children facing any form of abuse or distress. Abuse is not always physical, it comes in many forms, emotional, sexual, financial, mental - if you or someone you know is experiencing any of these it may help as a first step, speaking to someone about it. Our team of experienced befrienders offer a non-judgmental, safe space to speak and connect.

Support for women facing domestic violence


As a team of trained volunteers and experienced professionals, we begin each case by providing emotional support and a willing, listening ear.


Educating communities and people about abuse

Outreach and Awareness

Our approach to Outreach is two-pronged.  Creating awareness about abuse and letting a woman know that help that is close at hand, helps her tackle her problems in the ‘here and the now’. Secondly, our programs are geared toward long-term strategies to prevent violence. For example, sensitizing children in schools to gender equality concepts.


Referral for shelters medical help


We leverage an extensive partner network of police, lawyers, shelter home providers, counsellors, vocational and skill trainers, and our access to excellent medical facilities at Vydehi Hospital, to further help survivors figure out their next steps.


1 in 3
of all crimes against women are cases of domestic violence

1 in 3
women in India are likely to face intimate partner violence

1 in 10
women facing abuse in India formally report the incident



Why we started Bembala Foundation

Bembala was launched in 2018 by the citizens' group, Whitefield Rising, in Bangalore. Whitefield Rising was founded by a group of concerned citizens who came together to solve problems such as traffic, garbage, water, tree planting, etc. in their communities. They assumed that the problems they perceived or saw in front of them were affecting everyone around them to the same extent. However, there would occasionally be a different kind of appeal for help too. A woman and/or child would need their support.

HOME: What We Do
HOME: What We Do


I appreciate Bembala to help me, support me get through all my problems, I'm very grateful for your time, encouragement and for your professional care and assistance. Thanks for being friendly and reliable. Your care and guidance helped me make better life choices, I wouldn't have been here in this beautiful place if it wasn't for your guidance. The discussions we had gave me great comfort, hope and courage to deal with my problems. You saved a once broken relationship, thank you so much for helping us rediscover our happiness together.

- A survivor

Someone I sent to Bembala caught up with me on my walk and said "Bembala was just amazing. They helped her with just what she needed.  Giving her strength, right information, listening, guidance without being preachy. It was simply perfect.  In her emotional state, she was ready to walk out but they have asked her to reflect and plan the exit better as she has a small child. She was suicidal earlier so they have assured her that on any day they will be there for her.

- From a person who referred a survivor



Vydehi Center: 

5th Floor, near ICU

Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre,

82 EPIP Area, Whitefield, Bangalore - 560 066.

Monday to Saturday

11am - 3pm

Phone No.: +91-80-43775561


Helpline: +91 99806 60548/ 1 800 103 9548

Monday to Saturday 

9.30am - 4.30pm

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Painting by Pradeep Iyengar
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