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A Free and Confidential Service

Bembala Foundation is a volunteer-run organization managed as a charitable trust. We came together in 2018 to do our part to help our community become violence-free and abuse-free. We run a support center for women and child survivors of violence and abuse. We provide help from our physical space at the Ob-Gyn OPD of Vydehi Hospital, as well as over a pan-India Helpline. Our services are free and confidential.

As a team of trained volunteers and experienced professionals, we begin each case by providing emotional support and a willing, listening ear. Additionally, we leverage an extensive partner network of police, lawyers, shelter home providers, counsellors, vocational and skill trainers, and our access to excellent medical facilities at Vydehi Hospital, to further help survivors figure out their next steps. Bembala has helped hundreds of women and children since we started our center at Vydehi Hospital on Jan 30th, 2019. While some have needed emotional support, others have reached out to us to help them find safe shelter. Some have been assisted with legal advice from our lawyer network, while others have needed our presence at the police station to support them. We have even mediated reconciliations. 


Bembala Foundation also believes that awareness and outreach are the means by which we can tackle problems related to abuse, long-term. Bembala has run awareness programs in many formats, from hour-long talks in communities, with women of all sections of society, to gender sensitization and equality-related talks with school children and partners like police constables and teachers. We are also active on social media and work with many partners to shine a light on different aspects of abuse and violence. We hope our efforts on this front will eventually lead to the prevention and eradication of domestic violence of all types.

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