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Updated: May 6



"Article 14th to 18th in the Indian constitution discusses the right to equality, where both men and women are treated the same. Then why can’t a woman live with her family, or in her own place? Why is she always separated from her place of birth after she gets married? Is marriage like a trade where you sell the object, and it never comes back? Why can’t women have land? Is it because she is seen as unable to do work on a farm? Or is there some other reason? Why should only men have land, which they pass on to their sons in the future? Why are the thoughts of a young girl child not accepted? Why is she treated as a child even after getting married? Why do people see men as strong and fearless, when they will also have emotions?"


"It is very sad news to hear about the young girls who are not treated properly. Young girls do not feel safe and are unable to walk alone.

Recently in Varthur, there was bad news. A young girl, who was 13-14 years old, was very badly raped, which lead to her death. Nowadays, rapes are happening very often. Girls are not safe.

Due to this incident, my parents are scared to send me out during the nighttime. My brother must come if I go out at night.

I feel sad and bad that nowadays people do such bad things. Girls are not protected.

I do not want girls to be in this fear. I think that girl who was raped could have gone to the police station, for help. But some girls keep their mouths shut, because they don’t want their reputation and the reputation of their family to become bad.

We must create a safer society and we must make sure girls feel more fearless. Society blames them, which is wrong. Instead of blaming the girl, they should understand and help her. Otherwise, these girls may go into a depression, and even attempt suicide."


"I see that there’s no equality among the genders. Why does everyone question girls wearing shorts and Gen-Z clothes, or when girls go out late at night and come back home late as well? Some of the girls in the village are not allowed to work or go out alone. They always need men with them. When girls or women get periods, why do the elders not allow them to touch any religious idols? Why do they think that periods are very bad and unclean? Why are all the girls working at home, doing all the domestic household work? Why not the boys? Why are girls not allowed to go out late at night? Why does everyone think that girls are weaker than boys and can’t lift heavy loads? Why is this nonsense going on here?

I want this world to treat girls equally to boys and not discriminate against them based on their gender."


A girl’s voice  

"A girl’s voice is very important. That voice shouldn’t only be for singing, or speaking, or chit chatting.  It should always help a girl or a woman to stand up for herself against gender discrimination.  

Gender equality is something that helps the country to develop. We all see gender inequality even in our homes. What do we get from that? Like untouchability, it is an evil act. It is a social evil. Her voice should not be ignored.  

Girls have been abused and told that men are more powerful, and thus must be obeyed. This is what causes gender inequality. They abuse them physically, and not only through words.  I, myself, was abused by 4 boys when I had to travel to school by bicycle. They came near me and touched me in an improper manner. What made them do that in public, without any fear or tension? When something happens to a girl all the blame falls on her. But how is it her mistake? The way people speak about a girl after her abuse and the way they treat her makes the man and boys feel powerful. They know the girl will always be blamed.  

In my case it was different. Yes, I was abused. I was sad, and I was scared to share it with my mother, but my teacher helped me open up. She was there telling me it was not my mistake or any girl's mistake. Though I was scared and underconfident, my teacher taught me how to come out of my shell.  I shared it with my mom and dad, later. They did not blame me, they helped me to overcome it, and stood next to me.  

I want the same for other girls. If their parents and other people support them, they can also overcome everything."  



"Ruhi is a child who lives in a village area. She likes to wear and is comfortable wearing short dresses. Her parents are also okay with her wearing them and her having male friends. She is a good student who scores well in every subject. The problem is her grandparents were not very accepting because they are not used to seeing this new culture. They have an old mindset. However, later, they become okay with everything. Now she lives in the city, but her grandparents still live in the village. In the city, she completely changed her lifestyle. She used to wear both long and short dresses, but now she only wears short dresses. She wants to earn an income and become an independent person. She wants to take care of her parents because they always believed in her and accepted her, even before grandparents did.

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